Sara  Nowlin        Breaking Free to Simply Be...
Speaker - Consultant - Coach


Life coaching empowers you to access your dreams, clarify your thoughts and feelings, set personal and professional goals and remove barriers to achieving the results you seek. You learn how to be accountable for actually achieving your desires. Sara is an expert at directing people toward success and will teach you how to shift your perceptions to make the positive life changes you aspire to. If you are feeling stuck, confused or unhappy, Sara can help give you the tools you need to take action and achieve results.

  • Find Your Passion
  • Deal with Relationship Challenges
  • Find Your True Voice & Being Heard
  • Create Balance in Life
  • Break Free from Your Past
  • Build Strong Sense of Self

How Does Life Coaching Work?

The Life Coach/Client relationship is unique and nonjudgmental. As your coach, Sara will observe and actively listen to you, and then provide you with tools to formulate measurable ways for you to reach your goals.

Sara works one-on-one with you to design a unique plan to obtain your specific goals. You meet at a scheduled time, either in person or over the phone. Throughout the coaching relationship, Sara asks you powerful questions that give you access to your best information, talents, emotions and your true Self.  She also provides positive support, structure, energy, insight and exercises for you to use.  Between sessions, you are assigned specific steps to take and tasks to complete, to hold you accountable for achieving the results you want.

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