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Sara  Nowlin        Breaking Free to Simply Be...
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All programs can be delivered as a keynote address or as an expanded and more intensive workshop.  The content of each program is tailored to fit the goals of your group.  If you have questions or concerns, please click here. 

Discover the Leader Within You

Students often associate leadership with an impressive title. If they’re not President or Captain, they might not consider themselves to be leaders. But leadership doesn’t require a title. It is an attitude—a way of being—which anyone can express in any moment. Yes, of course students often lead in an official leadership role, like Class President; but they can make just as much of an impact from the middle or even the bottom of the pack. Who says you can’t be a leader as a center midfielder on the soccer team; or even as … a freshman!

In this interactive presentation, students learn that leadership is not just in some of us; it’s in every one of us.

Sara presents three key leadership principles—Owning Your Greatness, Owning Your Humanity, and Creating Community—that, when learned and applied, allow students to discover the leader inside of them without being stopped by the common roadblocks of fear, frustration, or a sense of powerlessness. These leadership principles arm students with a bulldozer to bust through anything that might be stopping them.

Students will have the opportunity to consider areas where they are already successful in practicing the three leadership principles, and how those areas can assist in UNLEASHING their leader within. By practicing these principles consistently, students will discover and BECOME the leaders they were meant to be.

The Program will:
  • Enhance students’ self-trust and trust of others
  • Expand students’ experience of team and community
  • Provide easy-to-apply tools for students to unleash their natural leadership
Love Your Ugly: 5 Steps to Self Acceptance

Growing up, students learn quickly that if they want to be safe from criticism, they must keep their flaws (or “uglies”) hidden. Look at what happens when the media finds an “ugly” in a celebrity – it’s an opening for ridicule and put-down, and students see it all the time. The message gets ingrained that it’s better to hide flaws and avoid ridicule.

When students hide their perceived “uglies” for long enough, they begin to lose sight of the amazing, powerful people they truly are. Their time and energy get sapped, their relationships suffer, and they become less productive and contributory both in and out of the classroom. When they stop pretending and get real, they begin to see what they have to contribute, rather than what is wrong with them. Time and energy are freed up so they can succeed as students—and pursue their dreams.

In this candid and interactive presentation, students will learn how to embrace their “ugly” with a compelling 5-step process where they take an ugly of their own and find the beauty in the beast. Sara models the power of the process by sharing how she has used it with her own uglies (even the uber-ugly!) Leading by example, she demonstrates that loving the ugly can make a dramatic difference in confidence and relationships with others, allowing students to be their REAL selves and have that be AWESOME.

5 Steps to Loving Your Ugly

  1.  Tell the Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing But...
  2.  Put Your Judgements on Mute
  3.  Find the Beauty in the Beast
  4.  Let it Marinate
  5.  Go Public

The Program will
  • Increase Students' self-confidence
  • Develop Compassion for Self and Others
  • Free Students to Be Themselves, Warts and All!

Breaking Free to Simply Be

So much about growing up is trying to fit in. You want your family to accept you; you want to fit in at school; you want to blend in with your neighborhood. When you were little, you probably learned rules about what you should look like, what you should say, how you should act, even how you should feel. Then when you got to middle school and high school, the rules grew exponentially because you had to negotiate cliques and peer pressure. There are so many rules to follow sometimes it can feel like you are losing who you are. You may even feel like a smaller version of yourself. You might not feel safe to express parts of yourself because of a fear of rejection or simply being afraid you just won’t fit in. The impact of suppressing yourself though can be overwhelming, suffocating, isolating and sometimes even life ending. It’s time to break free from the rules that bind you. Now is the time for YOU to simply BE YOU.

In this fun and interactive program, topics covered will include bullying, gender roles and expectations, authentic communication, and healthy and unhealthy habits to deal with emotions. Sara will share from her own roller coaster ride of being a quiet, awkward teen to becoming an outgoing, self-expressed adult. Participants will leave the program with the freedom to be themselves and the courage to share that with others.

The program will:

  • Develop a sense of the REAL YOU
  • Enhance self trust and trust of others
  • Unleash your experience of being YOU

I'm Gonna Graduate, Now What?!

You are about to graduate and enter the Real World...Ugh!  Trying to navigate the post-college world is often filled with more questions than answers.  Often times, we are given advice (sometimes a lot of advice) by parents and others that make some sense but can also make it more confusing.

This interactive program will give you the clarity and tools to navigate your personalized path to success and happiness.  You will have the opportunity to learn well-researched tools, engage in hands-on exercised and get your questions answered.

The Program will cover:
  • Facing the "Real World" - Fears, Failures and Finances
  • Following Your True Path
  • Create a Support Team for Success
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